We are happy to welcome you to SIRWEC2022! Conference venue is located in Druskininkai, therefore you will need transportation to and from the location. On this page you will find general information about transportation options that are available. We have gathered main links to websites and applications that you can use. If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we will try to help you.


The main airport in Lithuania is in Vilnius. However, there are two other airports available. Please check out Kaunas airport too, because it’s a similar distance to the town where the conference will take place and there are frequent flights from UK and other European cities to it too. There is also Palanga airport, but it’s a lot further from Druskininkai.

Shuttle bus and regular intercity transportation

We will have transportation (shuttle bus) to the conference venue and back from Vilnius (there will be no shuttle bus from Kaunas or Palanga). The shuttle bus will leave from Panorama Hotel, which is right next to Vilnius bus and train stations:

2022-06-14 Shuttle bus will leave from Vilnius at 15:00. The drive to Druskininkai takes about 2h.

2022-06-17 Shuttle bus will leave from Druskininkai at 9:30. The bus will make additional stop at Vilnius airport.

There are also regular bus transportation between cities. To travel by bus to Druskininkai you can buy tickets inside the bus stations or use this website. However, you will have to travel from the airport to the city and back to get to bus stations. In Vilnius it is not really far away and there are a lot of options to quickly get to the bus station (usually takes about 15-20 mins, unless it is rush hour), but in Kaunas and Palanga the airports are located outside of the cities and it can take you about an hour to get to the bus station.

Public transportation in Kaunas and Vilnius

Click the links to find more information about Kaunas public transport and Vilnius public transport. Both cities use different systems for tickets. You can buy tickets on buses too, but they are more expensive and the driver accepts small nominal cash money only. For route planning and timetables we suggest using Trafi app. This app also allows e-ticket purchase in Vilnius, however it might need a setup prior to travel.

Car rental

Trafi app also includes short term car rental options (CityBeeSpark) that are very convenient inside the cities. Different companies and cities have their own apps too, but Traffi has everything in one place. The car rental companies use apps to unclock/lock the car and charges you automatically, however, they need to be set up before the first trip, because they need to have your driving licence data. You can use their cars for longer periods too, the idea is that to finish your trip you have to park it inside the city (the areas are marked in the apps), so if you travel to another town – you will not be able to complete the trip and will be charged for that whole time it will take you to eventually park the car inside the city.
In case you choose to travel by car, you can use the short term rental cars or you will find car rental companies inside the airports too, e.g. Autobanga, Enterprise (available at the Vilnius airport), EuropcarGreenmotionHertzPanecSixt.

Car sharing and taxi

There is Uber in Vilnius and a similar company Bolt in Vilnius and Kaunas for car sharing options.

Taxi services are available too. There are apps that you can use to call out a taxi (e.g. taxi.lt). Regular phone call or simply finding one in a taxi parking place near airport or in city works too. However, it is cheaper to call a taxi by phone instead of just getting into one. You might be charged a taxi fare (~1-2 EUR) for getting on a taxi that’s on the road. Please note, that some companies might not speak English and can refuse to service you.

You can find a list of phone numbers for taxi in Vilnius here and in Kaunas here. Take note, that short phone numbers to call a taxi that you can usually see on the cars (e.g. 1800) are available only for Lithuanian SIM cards.

More information about taxi and taxi booking online is available at www.etaksi.ltwww.taxi.lttaxifi.eu.