15:0017:00Shuttle bus from Vilnius bus station to GrandSpa, Druskininkai
19:00Welcoming Icebreaker


Moderator: Lauryna Šidlauskaitė

FromToFocus topicPresenterPresentation Topic or activity
09:0009:40Key-note speechSøren Pedersen,
Klimator (Sweden, Denmark)
IoT weather stations and other new input for monitoring winter conditions on roads
09:4010:00Road weather forecastingDr. Justas Kažys,
Vilnius University (Lithuania)
Relation between weather and traffic accidents on the main roads of Lithuania 
10:0010:20Road weather forecastingCarlos Andrés Peralta Aros,
Danish Meteorological Institute (Denmark)
Implementation of a residual salt model
10:2010:40Road weather forecastingDr. Joe Eyles,
Met Office (UK)
Developing probabilistic surface transport forecasts at the MET Office
10:4011:00Coffee break, exhibition
11:0011:20Future perspectives of road meteorology and climatologyDr. Lee Chapman,
University of Birmingham (UK)
The decreasing importance of road weather forecasts
11:2011:40Inovation and technological advancementsBjörn Zachrisson,
NIRA Dynamics (Sweden)
Connected vehicle data – realtime road condition monitoring
11:4012:00Inovation and technological advancementsDr. Takafumi Nagai,
Central Nippon Highway Engineering Nagoya Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Vehicle position information system for accurate operational management and operational support of snow and ice operations
12:0013:00Lunch break, exhibition
13:0013:20RWIS and other road weather sensors and equipmentDr. Taisto Haavasoja,
Teconer Oy (Finland)
A compact road weather station and a mobile road condition monitor
13:2013:40RWIS and other road weather sensors and equipmentAlex Karandreas,
Campbell Scientific Ltd. (Germany)
Filling gaps in remote locations with low power RWIS
13:4014:00Poster session, exhibition
14:0014:20Closure of the day


Moderator: Justas Kažys

FromToFocus topicPresenterPresentation Topic or activity
09:0009:40Key-note speechJolita Mackienė,
Kelių Priežiūra (Lithuania)
Digitalization of winter maintenance in Lithuania
09:4010:00Road weather forecastingAlice Lake,
Met Office (UK)
Surface transport forecasting at the MET Office: Looking to the future
10:0010:20Road weather forecastingDr. Virve Karsisto,
Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Effects of screening and sky view factor on road surface temperature forecasts 
10:2010:40Road weather forecastingSamo Čarman and Borut Sila,
CGS Labs d.o.o. (Slovenia)
Lessons learnt from route-based forecast verification
10:4011:00Coffee break, exhibition
11:0011:20Winter road maintenanceProf. Thorsten Cypra,
University of Applied Sciences, htw saar (Germany)
Improving winter service on bicycle paths
11:2011:40Winter road maintenanceJim McCaa,
Vaisala Oyj (Finland)
Using mobile observations to drive maintenance decision making
11:4012:00Winter road maintenanceDr. Lauryna Šidlauskaitė,
Kelių Priežiūra (Lithuania)
An adapted Accumulated Winter Season Index (AWSSI) for Lithuanian winter severity evaluation
12:0013:00Lunch break, exhibition
13:0013:20Road weather data systems – part of ITSMarjo Hippi,
Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Weather service to support autonomous driving in adverse weather conditions
13:2013:40Road weather data systems – part of ITSDr. Timo Sukuvaara,
Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)
Winter testing track environment for the Intelligent traffic road weather services development 
13:4014:00Closure of the event
18:00Farewell dinner at restaurant “Dangaus skliautas


9:3011:45Shuttle bus from GrandSpa, Druskininkai, to Vilnius airport and bus station