We postpone again: SIRWEC2020 is now SIRWEC2022

2020 was a hard time for everyone and, unfortunately, it has not ended with fireworks of New Year celebrations. COVID-19 pandemic has already changed our plans for SIRWEC conference several times and we have hoped that it will not happen again. However, at this point in time we can clearly see, that having a live event will not be possible this year too. Thus, we are postponing the conference again, this time to next year.

The decision to do this was not an easy one, but well thought out and agreed upon between us and sponsors. We still believe that a live event is what we want to accomplish, but current situation in Lithuania will not get good enough for our goals.

Like the other times, here are the main points and dates:

  • The conference will be held on the 14-16th of June, 2022.
  • The new deadline for abstracts will be the 19th of April, 2022.
  • The early-bird ticket price will last until the 3rd of May, 2022.
  • All registrations are valid. If you believe that you want to cancel your registration – feel free to contact us ([email protected]).
  • The abstracts that we have received are still valid for the new date. However, we offer an opportunity to edit and update it, if you wish. If that’s the case, please send us your updated abstracts to us ([email protected]) until the abstract deadline. 
  • The conference will be referred to as SIRWEC2022 from now on.

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